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Process Automation


Process Control and Automation

In 1991 the sole Australian agency for Shinko Technos was gained as part of a strategic plan to diversify into the Temperature Controls market. Shinko design and manufacture Process Controllers, Indicators, Chart Recorders and Sensors specialising in temperature measurement and control. More recently Fastron has been appointed distributor for Crouzet Automation who manufacture a wide range of easy to use Mini PLC's, HMI's, Timers, and Protection Relays suited to a wider range of automation applications including access control, lighting control, solar tracking to name a few.

In 2020 Fastron Electronics will launch our own range of PID Temperature controllers to offer more flexibility with regards to updated controller features.

These products are complimented by Crydom's Solid State Relay I/O modules, LEM's range of Process Current Voltage Transducers and Alish's Process Indicators/Monitors. 

Fastron also continue to develop its second generation OZtherm Thyristor (SCR) Controllers and Signal Conditioners which have been well accepted for their reliability and ruggedness. 

Fastron also now offer Advanced Energy SCR controllers with optional profibus communications and have CE, UL, and ROHS Approvals.

More than 6000 OZtherm power Controllers are or have been in operation world wide. Fastron has the ability to supply the complete temperature control package to your requirements. This can include the Thermocouples/RTD's, Pyrometers, Temperature Controllers or PLC's, and the SCR/Controllers or Solid State Relays as piece parts, or incorporated into a fully integrated control cubicle. 


Sensors Probes and Transducers

 See our Temperature Controls Page

Process Controllers

  • Temperature & Process Controllers
  • A wide range of digital and analogue controllers are available from stock. Multi-point Temperature Control Systems
  • TFT Screen Multichannel Temperature Controller (8 point)
  • Low cost 8 Point Chart Recorder (TFT Screen)
  • Hot Runner Temperature Controllers
  • 8 point RS485 Card (OEM) Customisable for almost any TC, or Pt100 RTD Sensor

Power Controllers

Solid State Relays

Relay and Contactors


Timers and Time Relays



  • Sensata, BEI Sensors, Kavilco Encoders for demanding utilities applicatons

Indicators, Meters & Recorders


Mini PLC's, HMI Touch Screens, Timers, DC Motors