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A digital Current Meter, Voltage Meter, or Process Meters, are used for calculating and displaying accurate voltage , current or other electrical parameter readings of a circuit or sensor. The meter can be mounted in a panel and digitally represents the input for voltage, current and resistance. This instrument displays the reading by measuring the actual electrical potential difference between a circuit’s two points. It further converts the analogue voltage to digital voltage and displays it in a numerical format.

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Why Do You Need Our Digital Panel Meter?

At Fastron Electronics, we have successfully established ourselves as a trusted and reliable manufacturers and distributor of high-quality electrical instruments and components for testing and measuring. We are an Australian owned and operated company, supplying standard digital panel meters ideal for industrial and commercial applications. The digital panel can be effectively used for getting accurate readings in electrical industries, HVAC industries and so on.

If you’re looking for a quality digital amp meter or any type of meter depending on the analog input sent to it, we can help. We are backed with over 40 years of experience in the industry, we utilise our hands-on industry experience to assist our customers and choose the right products according to their industrial applications.

To get the job done faster, contact our expert team today. We provide our customers with up-to-date product specifications and other essential details to help them choose the right type of digital panel meters.

Product Specifications

Our digital voltage meter displays accurate readings thus eliminating the chances of human error. When it comes to industrial manufacturing and measuring processes, you need electrical devices that are not just accurate but also are reliable and quick in terms of measuring the output. We at Fastron Electronics specialise in manufacturing compact voltage meters that can measure voltage in both AC and DC. We offer cost-effective measuring solutions built with micro controllers and high input impedance.

How to Select the Right Product?

Based on the type of input you need; you can select from our wide range of digital meter devices. For instance, if you need to measure AC voltage in volts, we recommend going with our digital voltage meter. Whereas if you need to measure the input of AC in milliamps, we have got a selection of digital amp meters.

Advantages of Our Digital Meter Products:

The digital voltage meter offers numerous options for setting control limits and parameters including speed, temperature and pressure. Our meters come with built-in on/off controls to activate or deactivate process units. The highly adjustable display can be modified according to the nature of your application. The integration of additional channels allows the meter to interpret multiple signals and accept a wide range of inputs.

We ensure that our digital voltage meter can be configured as per your engineering units. For precise data collection, browse our electrical devices online. We offer voltage and amp meters in both single and dual-line configurations.

Not sure which digital meter will be suitable for your application? Get In Touch With Us Today.