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Most of the manufacturing industries in Australia need efficient cooling solutions that reduce heat generation and consume low energy. Fastron Electronics brings a range of cooling fans in Australia built for everyday industrial use. Integrated with intelligent motion control, our cooling fans perform well in adverse weather conditions and environments.

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Why Choose Our Cooling Fan Online?

For improved system performance, we recommend our hi-tech cooling fans designed for greater control and functionality. Our range of axial cooling fans are designed to enhance your system’s reliability and longevity. We distribute our products worldwide, we are fully equipped with world-class products and provide technical support to our clients looking for electrical products and equipment for major construction, commercial and manufacturing processes.

The cooling fan is ideal for applications such as Ventilation, Refrigeration and Condensing Units. The fan can be installed in minimal space and perform well under extensive temperature and pressure conditions.

Features of Cooling Fan

  • High energy-efficiency and temperature resistance
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Offers high variable output even at small input energy
  • Compact design occupies lesser space


Our cooling fans available in Australia are well suited for general applications. They create very low pressure and high-volume airflows and move air in confined spaces. Whether you need a cooling fan for your workstation or factory, we have got a wide range of supplies for multiple applications. We ensure that each cooling fan online meets the IEC standards and other quality standards. Our products are known for their reliability flexible construction. The fan plates are manufactured from high-quality steel, they also feature impeller technology.

Browse our cooling fans of Australia online. For further information, feel free to e-mail us at

Compatible Industrial Cooling Solutions

Fastron Electronics brings a diverse range of axial cooling fans engineered to meet your application and usage requirements. Our cooling fans create a versatile ventilation system and allow clean air to flow in.

Think of them as efficient temperature control devices used for hardcore industrial and commercial applications. With regularised airflow, you can maintain an ideal temperature range inside your workspace or factory unit. We have a personalised selection of axial cooling fans with larger diameters, they produce volumes of air and create low pressures. The minimal vibration makes them the best cooling solution for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Visit our product page and browse our axial cooling fan models made with lightweight and durable materials.

Need expert advice? Call us on +61 3 97635155 to talk to our team.