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Varsi Energy Absorbers

Now offcially part of 

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Varsi Energy Absorbers

Varsi offers a wide range of varistors (MOV) and gas discharge tubes (GDT) for various applications. Varsi have proven to be the market leaders in the development of energy absorber technologies

Clamping voltages from 18v to 1800v
Surge currents (8x20) from 0.25kA to 80kA
Energy Absorbtion 3J to 3750J

    Raycap Solutions

    Raycap Strikezorb
    (Ecpasulated MOV devices)
    (Active Substation stray current mitigation)
    (Type 1 and Type 2 SPD Surge Arrestors)

     Protec PV Type I and Type II SPD's for Solar PV Systems


    RayDat Surge Arrestors

    Surge Monitoring

    Failure indication device for SPD's
    Surge Counter with logging function for SPD's
    Prediction of advanced degradation of SPD's
    For testing for failed SPD's
    For any parts not listed in our web shop please contact us below.