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Industrial Thermocouples


Fastron Electronics supplies only the highest quality CE, ANSI, ROHS Approved Thermocouples. With a combination of local and overseas production Fastron can be sure to have the right solution for the right price. Most common types we stock are Type K, and Type R Thermocouples, with or without Terminal Head. Standard 3mm, 5mm, and 6mm (with Terminal Head) ranges come with 3M of Telfon/Fibreglass/Stainless Steel cable.

Additional cable & fittings available ex stock in our sensor accessories section.

Portable temperature logger available in our portable meters section

For any items not shown in our list please contact us below for pricing and availability

Selecting Appropriate Thermocouples for Industrial Applications

Although easy to overlook, one of the most critical components in many industrial processes is also one of the smallest — the thermocouples that measure temperature and connect to other sensors and important systems. Crucial for everything from quality controlling products during a manufacturing process to acting as a safety guide for understanding equipment, modern thermocouples feature advanced manufacturing and materials to make them more useful than ever for gathering critical data. At Fastron, we supply a large number of thermocouples from proven and trusted suppliers, suitable for immediate use in industrial and scientific settings. What are thermocouples, though, and how can you be certain you're about to purchase the correct one for the job at hand? Here's our quick guide to this product and what you need to know about them.

What is the Purpose of Thermocouples?

It's easy enough to say that thermocouples aid in measuring temperature, but how do they accomplish that? Are all these units roughly the same in terms of their capabilities, or is there greater detail to which you should pay attention? Here's what to know:

  • This hardware provides a simple and reliable way to measure temperature. It typically consists of two wires, made from dissimilar metals, and fused together on one side. The fused portion is exposed to the environment and naturally creates a measurable voltage during temperature fluctuations.
  • Operators can infer the temperature of an enclosed machinery space or industrial compartment by measuring the amount of voltage produced on the thermocouple.
  • Thermocouples outperform resistance detectors in many applications, particularly very high-temperature spaces. Many of those we provide have ratings stating they can effectively measure temperatures up to 1000C.

The Benefits of Buying Thermocouples from Fastron

Knowing that quality manufacturing and careful calibration are essential to proper thermocoupling operation, why should your business choose to use Fastron for supply? Consider what we do to provide many advantages to our clients:

  • We provide many of the most common types of thermocoupling sensors, including classes A, K, and S. Sourcing the sensors necessary for many applications is therefore straightforward when shopping with us.
  • We supply equipment supplemental to these devices, such as thermocouple cabling in bulk lengths. Longer cabling makes it easy to measure temperature in spaces far from control and oversight areas, enabling safer daily operations.
  • We work quickly to connect with our clients and to dispatch orders with as few delays as possible. As a result, our partners can achieve operational capacity in less time.

What Makes Fastron a Cost-Effective Option for Thermocouples?

As an independent business based in Melbourne, Fastron is not beholden to any one manufacturer or supplier when selecting products. Over our long history, we've worked within the manufacturing context as well. We understand that our clients need to meet operational requirements while also remaining cost-effective. By sourcing high-quality thermocouples capable of providing accurate readings with little drift over the long term, we help our clients save money consistently. Start exploring these options now, or contact us for further information.