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Component Test Equipment


Power Electronics measurement techniques are key market activities to optimize the utilization of electrical energy. LEMSYS is a major player who provides high accuracy, high performance and cost effective, test and measuring systems, as well as the associated services to the global market. From production line equipment to portable test equipment, Fastron Electronics will recommend the most suited LEMSYS product for the application.

The reliability and maintenance of SPD Devices are increasingly important with our ever so more reliance on electronic devices.  Raycap provide unique SPD device testing equipment for GTD, MOV, or TVS surge suppression devices 

Here at Fastron we have our own portable TP062 semiconductor tester which we use for our own in house performance tests, and Customer test reports.

Fastron Electronics also offers in house testing for semiconductors up to 5kV charged at $150AUD per hour.

Power Quality Test Equipment is available here.

Large scale production line test equipment available on request.