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Fastron Electronics Power Factor Correction Equipment

Fastron Electronics distributes Power Factor Correction Equipment throughout asia.

Power Factor is a widely used measurement of Power Efficiency in AC and DC power supply systems from small to large switchmode rectifiers, boilers, air conditioners, compressors, refrigeration, certain types of heating elements, inverters, Pumps, Electric Motors  and LED lighting. In particular any load which is inductive in nature can produce a low power factor and therefore power loss through "Inductive" or "reactive" energy which is measured in Var, kVar, or mVar.

See our Blog on Power Factor Correction for more detail.

Products we stock;



Brands we carry include Electonicon, Iskra Systemi, RTR Energia, and Vishay 



Unique Selling Points

Product Image

Iskra KNK3053 Series (3 Phase)

Feed Through Terminals, Dry Type

KNK3053 Capacitor

RTR Energia DWCAP Series (3 Phase)

Dual Winding Displacement System (Patented)

DWCAP Series RTR Energia

Electronicon Gas Filled Type

Feed Through Terminals

Electronicon Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Vishay Estaprop

Ceramic Feed Through Terminals, Dry Type

Vishay ACMKP & Estaprop Power Factor Correction Capacitors

RTR Energia EA Series (Single Phase)

Compact, Light Weight, Terminals Cover

RTR Energia Single Phase Caps




Brands Include Iskra Systemi, Vishay Estamat, RTR Energia



Unique Selling Points

Product Image

Iskra Systemi PFC Max PFC Controller 6 or 12 Step versions

Simple and Low Cost


Iskra Systemi PFC-CX PF Regulator 6 or 12 Step versions

Fast Sampling Period, Flexible Operation, Logging of Contactor Operations

PFCMax Iskra PFC Controller

RTR Energia PR-14D.12 PFC Controller 6/8/12 Step

Overtemperature/Fan Alarm, Plug and Play

RTr Energia PR-14D PFC Controller

RTR Energia PR-16D.12 PFC Controller 6, 8 or 12 Step versions

Single Phase

RTR Energia PFC Controller PR16D

Vishay Estamat MH 6 or 12 step versions

Widely Used, Easy to Setup

Vishay Estamat PFC

Vishay Estamat PFC 6 or 12 step versions

Well known

Vishay Estamat PFC



Brands we carry include Iskra Systemi

Brands we carry Include Iskra Systemi, Alish, Rishabh Instruments

Brand we carry include Iskra Systemi

Brands we carry include Iskra Systemi

Brands we carry include Lumel

More products manufactured to order products;