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Custom Extruded Heat Sink


Fastron Electronics Specialise in supplying high dissipation heatsink to suit the most demanding Power Electronics applications. We carry a wide range of raw extruded heatsink carefully designed  to suit the local market. Most heat sink is available in 2.1M and 3M lengths, or cut, milled and/or machined to user requirements. 

We deal with most major extruders globally, and locally to offer an unparalleled range of heatsink. On display below are a selection of the current heatsink stocked and distributed to the local market. For special requirements of custom extrusions please contact Fastron Electronics sales team


Source a Heat Sink from Our Massive Range

A heat sink is an essential component in the devices we use. It serves as a passive exchanger of heat and removes it from a mechanical or electrical system and delivers it to an external medium such as a liquid coolant or air. As such, the heat sink regulates the temperature of the device and ensures it operates efficiently without the risk of overheating. Fastron supplies a wide range of products that include heat sinks for your device.

Benefits of Using a Heat Sink

These parts are critical to the effective functioning of our devices. A computer wouldn’t operate at high speeds if it weren’t for the use of a heat sink. Similar to how you would run on a treadmill and require water during the workout, an electronic device requires cooling when in use. These are some of the advantages of employing the standard form of a heat sink in the device you’re building.

  • The efficient thermal conductivity of an aluminium heat sink is a critical factor in removing heat from a system, and it acts as an appropriate medium for converting thermal energy. The material allows for it to be available in any shape, and you can find mill-finished or anodized options.
  • When you compare the weight of an aluminium heat sink to a steel version, the former weighs approximately one-third the weight of a steel heat sink. As a result, it’s easier to handle and install in your electrical device.
  • Heat sinks feature in the world of construction, household appliances, cars and wind power generation. One of the reasons manufacturers use aluminium heat sinks is because it’s more affordable than their counterparts. If you consider energy-saving, weight, costs, and aesthetic value, the aluminium heat sink comes out on top.

Consider This Before Buying a Heat Sink

After establishing the importance of a heat sink in electronics, you must bear in mind certain factors when you’re about to install one in your device.

  • Active heat sinks refer to cooling fans that use power to simplify the cooling process. These include two options namely the sleeve-bearing type and ball-bearing type. The majority of people select the ball-bearing type since it lasts longer and is relatively more affordable.
  • Passive heat sinks don’t consist of moving parts and are usually aluminium radiators with fins. They are reliable as they remove thermal energy through the conventional process. Since they maintain a constant flow of air through their fins, this option is highly efficient.
  • Aside from the active and passive categories, you’ll find that heat sinks comprise different materials. Apart from the reliable, affordable and lightweight aluminium options, you have copper heat sinks with fantastic thermal conductivity, but they are heavier and more expensive. If those factors aren’t a problem, they perform their function effectively.

About Fastron

We are a private electronics design and distribution company in Melbourne with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Try our online store for all your electronic requirements, and we’ll deliver your package anywhere around Australia and the world.

Contact us if you have any questions.