Crydom Solid State Relay Heatsink

Fastron Electronics is your home of heatsinks designed for Solid State Relay Mounting. For all your SSR mounting needs, look no further than our team and the great range of products we provide.

Whether you’re after a Crydom SSR heatsink or another heatsink for SSR relay, Fastron Electronics would be more than happy to provide. We stock and ship heatsinks from the following brands:

  • Crydom – Sensata
  • Fastron Electronics

With more than 40 years of experience, you can be sure that Fastron Electronics will only provide you with the best products, components, servicing, solutions, and support for your needs.

When it comes to Crydom SSR heatsinks and other heatsinks for SSR relay, we can provide you with options for single phase or three-phase, among others.

Explore our full range of products below or contact us today for a quote on a custom project.

For larger and flat heatsinks see our Heatsink section

Pre Drilled SSR Heatsink

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$9.00 $9.90inclGST
300pcs in stock , more available made to order in 1-2 weeks
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$88.60 $97.46inclGST
10pcs in stock , more available 3-5 Days
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$56.80 $62.48inclGST
49pcs in stock
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$49.20 $54.12inclGST
106pcs in stock
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$64.30 $70.73inclGST
7pcs in stock , more available in 3-5 Days
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$75.70 $83.27inclGST
9pcs in stock , more available 1-2 Weeks
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16pcs in stock
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7pcs in stock
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