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3 Phase Solid State Relays

When there is a need for electronically switching off circuits with pre-determined conditions like a timer circuit, electronic relays such as 3 Phase solid state relays are used. More recently, electronic relays are found in various applications and household appliances such as professional cooking equipment, packaging machines, lighting systems, laboratory and medical equipment, HVAC system, and many others. In addition, electronic relays are typically used for industrial on/off control heating applications.

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Fastron Electronics specialises in stocking, supplying and distributing a range of electronic components in Australia, including electronic relays such as the 3 phase solid state relays. They offer a compact 3 in 1 solid state relay for switching 3 phase loads up to 533V, 70 Amp AC per phase. IP20 Covers provide added protection, and external varistors are supplied loose for overvoltage protection.

Electronic Relays Online

Sourcing globally for local clients, Fastron Electronics has built and sustained a reputation as the go-to place to buy electronic relays online at competitively low prices. We also have our own in-house designed and manufactured 3 phase solid state electronic relays. The following are amongst the featured 3 phase solid state electronic relays in stock, ready to be ordered through our online platform.

  • FTH2553ZA4, Solid State Relay, 3 Phase 90-280VAC Control, 25A, 70-530VAC Load
  • FTH12053ZD3-P, Solid State Relay, 3 Phase 4-32VDC Control, 120A, 70-530VAC Load w/ Varistors
  • FTH12053ZD3, Solid State Relay, 3 Phase 4-32VDC Control, 120A, 70-530VAC Load


Catering to major clients in the military, aviation, EV markets, and B2B businesses, Fastron Electronics is a name you can rely on as your local electronic component supplier. We strive to fulfil the demands of Australians by sourcing globally reputed brands at cost-effective prices. We also have our own brand of components and have excellent capability to design, manufacture customised solutions. Our product list is endless, and we offer design, manufacturing and complete solutions packages as well.

Explore the full range of electronic relays, including the 3 phase solid state relays on this page and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $300. In addition, you can benefit from bulk order discounts and also source complete BOM supplies from our online store. For special projects or technical support, contact our Melbourne-based team today. Please contact us below to make a special request for any items not shown. Through our wide network of sales channels built over 40 years, we’ll be able to source it for you, without a doubt.

We offer a range of services and solutions to suit you and are located at 9B Lakewood Bvd, Braeside Melbourne, VIC, 3195, Australia.