Industrial Humidity Sensors including Temperature and Humidity Sensors


In the market forHumidity Sensors?  Fastron Electronics offer excellent quality Humidity Sensors under our TTH Series OEM range. 

We also offer Combination Temperature and Humidity Sensors in Pen Sizes as follows.

  • 18mm Diamater 190mm Length
  • 6mm Diamater, 150mm Length
  • 6mm Diamater, 300mm length
  • 6mm Diamater, 500mm Length


Various cable lengths are also available such as 1M, 3M, 10M, up to 50 Meters.

Items held in stock and shown in our web page are based on customer requirements/demand. Custom Sensors made to order typically in 5-10 working days depending on raw material availability.

For our complete range of Humidity Sensors See our TTH Series Datasheet.

For any special requests or items not shown please contact the friendly sales team at Fastron

Humidity, and Temperature and Humidity Sensors

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