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MAHLE Motor Australian Distributor

letrika Australian Distributor

Letrika (Iskra), MAHLE Australian Distributor

Fastron Electronics distributes Letrika (Iskra), now Mahle, motor products into the Australian Market. We offer spare parts replacement and help select products for new designs. Please contact us for your specific requirements.

Product range:

  • Alternators: 14V and 28V, 18A-270A
  • Starter motors: 12V and 24V, 0,9kW-9,0kW
  • DC motors: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 80V, 0,15kW-11,5kW
  • BLPM motors: 24V, 36V, 48V, 80V, 110V, 0,15kW-3,0kW
  • AC motors: 24V-80V, 1,5kW-8,0kW
  • Switches: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60-300A
  • Electric drive systems
  • Glow plugs

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Newly Released Products. Click for more information.

Product MAHLE P/N
IA0489 MG 115
IA0857 MG 377
IA1323 MG 143
IA1360 MG 899
IA1402 MG 54
IA1407 MG 544
IA1475 MG 651
IA1517 MG 266
IA1682 MG 720
IA1697 MG 876
IA1724 MG 873
IA9453 MG 792
IA9482 MG 880
IA9484 MG 883
IA9485 MG 898
IM0404 MM 56
IM0497 MM 440
IS1417 MS 882
IS1443 MS 836
IS1477 MS 867
IS1483 MS 881
IS1489 MS 883
IS9475 MS 770
IS9476 MS 778
IS9477 MS 779
IS9478 MS 884
IS9479 MS 885
IS9480 MS 894
IS9481 MS 886
IS9482 MS 887
IS9483 MS 888
IS9484 MS 889
IS9485 MS 890
IS9486 MS 891