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Oztherm Power Controllers

Oztherm Australian Made Power Control Products

Oztherm Power Controllers and signal conditioners are made under contract for Fastron Electronics. Oztherm represents Australian quality, reliability, and can be customized to fit most heating, electrolysis or water treatment applications.

OZtherm Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers

  • F300 Series Phase Angle Controllers
  • F400 Series Burst Controllers
  • Standard ratings 20-1100 Amps per phase. Larger ratings on application.
  • F300 Series Phase Angle Controllers are available in Single Phase & Three Phase, AC switch & DC Bridge configurations.
  • F400 Series Burst Controllers are available in Single Phase & two leg & full three leg control of Three Phase.


-Wide range of options

-A Complete List of standard models see our list of available [link] 

-Custom designs

-Custom ratings are made to order

-Applications advice

-Advanced Smart Modular Controllers

For smart modular SCR controller systems we offer Advanced Energy Controllers. These Controllers Complete our offered range by offering CE, UL, ROHS and REACH approved options. Advanced Energy Controllers can have up to 32 controllers connected together 


Typically used for power control in electric heating and controlled rectifier cubicles


SSR based F312, RS1A, MCBC, RPC, PMP Controllers & Modules


Technical Documents


Customised models


Please contact us for further information.