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DC circuit breakers are overcurrent protection devices (OCPD) that are the latest addition in homes in Australia. As sustainable power sources are being adopted, the need for DC circuit breakers has increased. At Fastron Electronics, we stock and supply products that encourage widespread sustainable power resources. Our online store carries a large range of DC circuit breakers from globally reputed brands.

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Pick your choice of DC circuit breakers from our vast selection of 12V DC Circuit Breakers, Single and 2 Pole, up to 63 Amps. Our DC Circuit Breakers are sourced from reputable European suppliers (Iskra Doo) and conform to all relevant global electrical standards, including IEC/EN 60898,60947-1/2, IP20 (IP40 Installed) IEC 61008, with approvals VDE, GOST-R.

Our selection of best selling DC circuit breakers include but is not limited to the following:

  • RI61J C 32, 1 Pole DC Miniature Circuit Breaker Disconnect Switch C Curve 32 Amp, 220VDC, 4.5kA
  • RI62J C 40, 2 Pole DC Miniature Circuit Breaker Disconnect Switch C Curve 40 Amp, 440VDC, 4.5kA
  • RI62J C 16, 2 Pole DC Miniature Circuit Breaker Disconnect Switch C Curve 16 Amp, 440VDC, 4.5kA


You can not only buy the stock of DC circuit breakers but a complete list of electronic components, products and specialised solutions. We have an excellent team of engineers who will assist you in fulfilling your project supplies needs. If you need some of the not-so-easy components, we have you covered.

Fastron Electronics is a locally operated business that caters to Australians' local electronic component demands by sourcing globally reputed brands at cost-effective prices. We also have our own brand of components and have excellent capability to design, manufacture customised solutions. Our product list is endless, and we offer design, manufacturing and complete solutions packages as well.

Explore the full range of DC circuit breakers, including the 12 V DC circuit breakers on this page and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $300. For special projects or technical support, contact our Melbourne-based team today. Please contact us below to make a special request for any items not shown. Through our wide network of sales channels built over 40 years, we'll be able to source it for you, without a doubt.

We offer a range of services and solutions to suit you and are located at 9B Lakewood Bvd, Braeside Melbourne, VIC, 3195, Australia