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Fastron Electronics is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in the supply of Components, Products and Solutions to the Energy Monitoring, Power Electronics, Process Control and Electrical Instrumentation markets.

We Are:

  • Manufacturers, importers, design/development and consulting engineers in electrical, electronic and systems solution disciplines.

Fastron's core business reflects up to 40 years experience in:

  • Energy Monitoring and Management products and solutions.
  • The selection, application and testing of High Power Semiconductors.
  • Custom design of Power Semiconductor Heat Sink & Water Cooler Assemblies.
  • Design and manufacture of our own OZtherm brand of Thyristor (SCR) Controllers, Solid State Contactors, Signal Conditioners and Current and Voltage trip modules - typically used in electronic heating controls and controlled rectifiers.
  • Design and manufacture of custom rectifiers, control cubicle design, power supplies and switching sub-assemblies.
  • Selection and application of; AC and DC current and voltage sensors and transducers, EMC Filters, chokes and pulse transformers, Harmonic Filters and our TRENT brand of Semiconductor Protection Fuses.
  • Process and Temperature Control Products and Solutions.
  • SSR's and Solid State Contactors.
  • Electrical Instrumentation


Our Mission:

  • To select the most suitable components, products or engineered solutions to meet and potentially exceed our customers requirements in an unbiased and professional manner.
  • To be actively involved in improving the reliability and energy efficiency of power conversion equipment, temperature and electric heating controls.
  • To promote Energy Monitoring and Management solutions as the means to benchmark, measure and reduce energy waste, reduce costs and CO2 emissions.


Our Associations:

  • Fastron is a member of the following associations:
Institute of Instrumentation
and Control Association (IICA)

Australian Institute
of Management (AIM)


Sustainable Energy Industry Association 2018 Logo

Sustainable Energy Industry
Association (SEIA)

Electric Vehicle Council (AEVC)


Our Accreditations:

ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certification (ISO9001:2000)

This was initially achieved by Fastron Technologies in January of 1996 through what is now known as the NCSI and is currently accredited to the ISO9001:2008 standard (pending). We are currently in the process implementing ISO9001:2015 to obtain accreditation.

Fastron's organisation number is 6945.


Our Premises: