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Fastron ElectronicsLatest Fastron News

  • October 2022 New Fastron Industrial and Switchgear Catalogue launched 
  • September 2022 Fastron begins NMI Approval for new Eastron kWh meter to meet Australian NMI requirements
  • September 2022  Electronicon appoints Fastron Electronics as sole distributor for Australia and New Zealand
  • August 2022 Launch of 22mm Industrial Switches ,Indicators, Indicator switches, CAM Switches and Fastron Branded Contactors
  • June 2022 Fastron Launches FC5 Series Simple PID Temperature Controller series
  • May 2022 Fastron Begins search for new warehouse location due to rapid expansion
  • April 2022 Fastron's new F930 Series DC Current transducer begins Prototype testing
  • March 2022 Fastron begins to stock DC Link and other Film capacitors by Electronicon
  • January 2022 Fastron Printed and Digital Brochure v1.1 is completed
  • December 2021 Fastron Launched Rishabh 3 Phase CT's for Direct MCCB Mounting
  • November 2021 Fastron Launches Eastron Range of Dual, Tri and Quad Din Rail Mount Meters along with 3 Phase RJ12 Style CT's to suit.
  • October 2021 Fastron launches OEM Fastron branded panel Mount BTC Series PID Temperature Controllers to match Shinko performance and features.
  • September 2021 Fastron Launches OEM range of FDV Series 1000VDC Voltage and DBCT Series 300 Amp Bipolar DC Current Transducers 
  • August 2021 Fastron begins to stock Core balanced CT range from Hobut UK along with RCR-V30 series Earth Leakage Relays
  • July 2021 Fastron is appointed Techsem distributor for Australia
  • June 2021 Fastron applies for NMI pattern approvals for Eastron Europe Meters SDM630 and SDM230 Series
  • June 2021 Fastron Is appointed Eastron Europe Distributor for their entire range of kWh Submeters, DC Meters, and CT's
  • May 2021 Fastron Begins to stock Vishay PFC Capacitors
  • May 2021 Fastron Launches new range of Iskra Surge Protection Devices and Varsi is Purchased by Raycap providing a wider range of Surge Protection Devices (SPD's) for Distribution boards and Railways including lightning protection
  • March 2021 Fastron Launches TC5 Series Temperature Controllers with Bright Huawei Green/White Display
  • January 2021 Fastron is appointed Reseller for Electronicon
  • December 2021 Fastron is appointed Master Distributor for Iskra Doo
  • December 2020 Fastron Launches Replacement to Shinko DCL33A Series Controller. DTC1 gives significant improvement on the Shinko device with regards to cost, and functionality including a 60 step program control variant. 
  • October 2020 Fastron launches new EV targeted range of Gigavac Sealed DC Contactors
  • July 2020 Fastron Electronics accepts first shipment of Advanced Energy (AEG) Thyro Series SCR Controllers
  • June 2020 Fastron Electronics launches Iskra range of Traditional Contactors, Capacitor Duty Contactors, Miniature Contactors, and Digital Time Switches.
  • May 2020 Fastron Electronics launches new range of low cost SCT Series Split Core CT's, with 5 Amp, or 0.333V output.
  • March 2020 Fastron Electronics releases Fastron branded OEM Subminiature Relays, Slim Relays, and Time Relays product range.
  • April 2019 Fastron Electronics welcomes Gigavac switchgear products into the Sensata product range.
  • March 2019 Fastron Electronics is appointed sole Distributor of Advanced Energy (AEG) Thyro Series SCR Controllers in Australia and New Zealand
  • February 2019 Fastron Electronics launches Fastron Electronics Store for Ecommerce purchases and catalogue sales

  • November 2018 Fastron Electronics begins distribution of RTR Energia Power Factor Correction Equipment.

  • July 2018 Fastron Electronics begins sales of CRS Industrial Switch mode Rectifiers.

  • July 2018 Fastron Electronics announces new ecommerce store to be online for January 2019.

  • March 2018 Fastron Electronics begins distribution of Spain Automation Proportional SSR Modules.

  • January 2018 - Fastron Electronics begins distribution of Crouzet Mini PLC, HMI Touch Screens, Timers, DC Motors and Encoders.

  • December 2017 - Fastron Electronics relocates to new Braeside address and partners with Temtec Controls to increase manufacturing and service capabilities.

  • December 2017 - Fastron Technologies Pty Ltd goes through management buyout and forms Fastron Electronics

  • January 2016 - Shinko Bcx2 Series Controller released to replace JC Series. Comes with built in 9 step pattern standard, lower price point, reduced 60mm Depth