LEM Hall Effect Current Sensors Panel Mount

LEM Panel Mount Hall Effect Current Sensors

To find the power control and power management supplies you need, look no further than Fastron Electronics. We are proud to provide a wide range of AC / DC hall effect current sensors to meet the needs of your industry and your application.

Fastron Electronics stocks hall effect current sensors for Rail, Process, and Power Electronics industries. Various models are available, including DIN Rail Mount, Panel Mount, and PCB Mount varieties. 

Download The Application Notes Here 

The hall effect current sensors we provide can include:

  • Current sensors/transducers
  • High precision hall effect sensors
  • Current and Voltage sensors with process outputs
  • Signal conditioners
  • DIN rail mount transducers
  • Battery monitoring modules
  • Split Core AC/DC current sensors

Click on the images below to find exactly what you need. Alternatively, you can also shop for all the hall effect current sensors we have available on this page!

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