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Low Voltage Disconnect and CAM switch work as a protection module to disconnect auxiliary loads from the battery bank or other load types, and ensures the load can be manually disconnected in a safe an efficient way. It simply disconnects high power loads and consists of two outputs.

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Why Do You Need a Programmable Low Voltage Disconnect?

Discharging batteries beyond a certain low voltage can cause major damage to your battery set. To prevent this from happening, you need to have a low voltage switch that consists of a sense and control circuit. The switch is installed between the battery and the load, it continuously monitors battery voltage and gets disconnected in case the battery voltage starts to fall below a certain level of the voltage threshold. The low voltage cutoff keeps batteries from being deeply discharged and ensures their longevity.

Key Benefits of  Low Voltage Disconnect Switches

  • Switch automatically reconnects loads when the battery is recharged
  • Manual override for emergencies
  • Variety of pre-set models available
  • Integrated alarm output
  • Lowered standby current


At Fastron Electronics, you can shop for new and improved low voltage cut out switches for your battery systems. We have immense industry experience; our qualified engineers and technicians know exactly what it takes to deliver precise measurement and testing solutions at great prices.

Feel free to access a variety of electrical components ranging from low voltage switches to circuit breakers. We have a long track record of serving clients and businesses across Australia. We work to provide a seamless customer experience and make it easier for our clients to locate specific products and supplies according to their project requirements.

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Various Applications of Low Voltage Disconnect Circuit

The low voltage cut out switches are specifically designed to protect your batteries from drawing voltage excessively. They work as ideal circuit protection devices that disconnect when voltage drops to a certain level. If you are looking for a safe and secure solution to protect your batteries from excessive discharge, you can view our wide product range online. The sealed construction of our low voltage cutoff makes it resilient to shock and vibration.

Another advantage of utilising our low voltage disconnect is its controllers fully monitor the battery voltage and extends the longevity period of your battery.

Why Choose Fastron Electronics?

We are a leading international supplier of test instruments and equipment. With over hundreds of product variants, we offer instruments and electrical devices for research, construction and manufacturing industries where quality assurance is given prime importance. We have the largest product selection of low voltage cut out switches designed with the latest manufacturing technologies and high-grade materials.

What Do We Offer?

  • Innovative product selection
  • Industry-leading manufacturing experts
  • Free shipping on selected items
  • Excellent customer services
  • Tested and durable components/devices


Get started today. We are always happy to assist our customers online.