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Energy Monitoring

SQ 0214 Sychronometer
LEM Rogowski Coils Iskra Meters Current Transformers Power Quality Analyser


Energy Metering or Measurement of Electrical Parameters:

Fastron Electronics have more than 40 years experience in the monitoring, measurement and control of electrical parameters and process variables, supplying imported and in-house designed and manufactured products and solutions to a wide range of Industrial, Governmental and Commercial customers. 

This experience coupled with our partner software development team and a range of metering options including Northern Design Electricity Meters, Data Loggers and a complementary range of LEM Split Core CT's and utility sub-meters enables Fastron to provide a wide range of solutions. We assist customers in defining energy monitoring solutions and energy management strategies as well as supplying a combination of software and/or field devices to end users or systems integrators. 


Kwh Sub Meters

We stock a wide range of kWh meters in Din Rail and Panel Mount for Single and 3 Phase measurement of AC or DC power circuits.

Brands we carry include;


Revenue Grade Meters

  • Single Phase Revenue Meters
  • Three Phase Revenue Meters
  • Smart Meters
  • ICG Revenue Meter
  • ICG Tarriff Meter

Brands We Carry Include

  • Iskraemeco

Power Quality Analysers

We supply portable and 96x96mm Panel Mount Power Quality Analysers which monitor and help manage power quality.

Brands we carry include

Shop online for Portable or Panel Mount Power Quality Analysers 

Current Transformers

We stock the largest range of Current Transformers's in the australian market. We are confident we can support almost any requirement. Class 0.5(s), or class 0.2(s) models available on request.

Brands we carry include;

See our Blog on Current Transformer Cable Losses or Current Transformer Types for a detailed overview

Rogowski Coils

Fastron supply two ranges of Rogowski Coils & Integrators, including Class 1, Class 0.5, 0.333V, 0.166V, 1 Amp, and 5 Amp output types. In addtion we offer the most advanced integraotr on the market wich is mulirange selectable, and can can output, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA True RMS for retrofit automation applications. 

Brands we carry include 

LEM - Class 0.5, Multirange, 1Amp, 0.333V, 0.166V and True RMS outputs

Magnelab - Class 1, 0.333V, 5 Amp (Multirange) output

See our Blog on Current Transformer Types for a detailed overview

Synchronometers (Synchrometers)

We stock Iskra Systemi Synchronometers in 3 Voltage Ranges. Click on each link for full specification and datasheets.

  1. Nominal 100VAC (80-120VAC Range)
  2. Nominal 230VAC (184-276VAC Range)
  3. Nominal 440VAC (352-544VAC Range)

For different voltages the delivery is typically 4-5 weeks and th eprice is the same for all voltage types.

Clamp on Current Sensors

Clamp on Current Sensors are sold on request. Please review this brochure from Northern Design and let us know if there is any model that suits. Custom versions are available on request. 

Northern Design Clamp On Current Sensors