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Thermal Overload Relay


Electrical motors often exert too much load on the power systems, it is essential that you have all the right equipment and supplies to protect them from overheating. Here comes the role of our thermal overload relay, which offers the most effective solution for complete motor protection. The temperature-compensated relays work by tripping off the motor in case of an overload. We at Fastron Electronics offer a dedicated product line for commercial and industrial applications. Being one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of power solutions, we offer best in class services and on-time delivery to our customers. We have a wide range of electrical supplies and devices designed to optimise power usage and significantly minimise your average power costs.

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Why Do You Need Thermal Overload Protection?

Most of the manufacturing industries rely on electric motors to operate on a daily basis for various production processes, heat is an unavoidable condition that can only be tackled with our high-end thermal overload relay. The overload relays are used to provide extensive protection for both 1 and 3 phase motors commonly found in appliances including fans, compressors, conveyors and so on. The device monitors the motor’s operating current and switches the contactor off whenever there is an overload. This way you can protect your motor against heavy damage in case of an emergency.

Key Benefits

  • Unparallel protection to motors
  • Easy to optimise with temperature compensation
  • Highly customised for specific applications
  • Adjustable current settings
  • Both automatic and manual reset available


For over 40 years, we at Fastron Electronics have been providing value for money electrical supplies and devices for commercial industry and manufacturing businesses. You can find thermal overload relays specifically designed for the current-dependent protection of applications. Our relays feature a switch-off time that prevents overloading and phase failures.

How Does Thermal Overload Relay Work?

The overload relays can be wired in series to make the current flow through the overload relay. Once the current reaches a certain limit, the relays automatically activate a mechanism to interrupt the flow of the current flow. Our in-house engineered thermal overload relays effectively measure the heating profile of your motor. They are designed to cut off power when the motor starts to draw too much current for an extended period of time. The relay simply opens up when it detects an increase in motor temperature and excessive current flowing through the circuit.

When you use our overload relays, you can ensure harmless temporary overloads that do not disrupt the circuits no matter what. Once the overload is removed, you can reseat the overlays. Our protective devices are built with the latest innovative technologies, they are capable of cutting off power from the motor if too much current is being drawn over a long period of time.

Keep your motor protected at all times with our safe overload relays.