Official Asutralian Techsem Distributor

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Fastron is an official Techsem Importer and Distributor

Techsem Specialise in Pressure Contact Diode and SCR Power Modules Including

  • Dual Diode/Thyristor Modules (up to 2 x 2000 Amp rms rated)
  • Single Diode/Thyristor Modules (up to 2000 Amp rms rated)
  • Comon Cathode Power Modules (up to 2000 Amp rms rated)
  • Diode Bridge Rectifier Modules (upo to 200 Amp rated)
  • Capsule Devices 

For Techsem's full range please download their shortfrom catalogue here.

For specific enquiries abour Techsem products or pricing please contact the friendly sales team at Fastron