Phase Angle or Burst Fire Power Controllers


Looking for AC or DC Power Controllers?  Fastron Electronics offer 100% Australian made Oztherm SCR Power Controllers. Available in Phase Angle, 2 Leg or 3 Leg Burst Fire models, and also available in 3 Phase Controlled Bridge configurations. 

In addition, Fastron proudly represents Advanced Energy (formerly AEG) the most cutting edge in peformance SCR Controllers and the original inventor of the Burst Fire SCR Control method. Their range includes Thyro S, Thyro A, Thyro AX, and Thyro PX Series SCR Power Controllers.  These controllers can operate in both Burst(TAKT) or Phase Angle(VAR) Firing Modes.  the Controllers can operate in burst fire mode even on the primary of the transformers with effectively zero DC offset.

We also carry a range of low power SSR Based Power Controllers for price sensitive applications.

To date almost 7000 Oztherm Controllers sold worldwide. These controllers can handle pretty much any type of heating element depending on the options installed.


Typical applications Include

  • Smelting
  • Electroplating 
  • Water Treatment (Chlorinator)
  • Eelectrowinning
  • Furnaces
  • Kilns
  • Ovens
  • Commercial Room Heating

For any special features required, please add comment to the special request. alternatively you can contact us.

Power Controllers

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