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Temperature Controls

For over 30 years fastron Electronics has been supplying Sensors manufactured locally by various reputable manufacturers.
In 2018 we started stock and selling our own range of sensors, and we achieved ROHS, CE, IEC, ANSTI approvals for our sensors
2020 Fastron Electronics is proud to announce the launch of Fastron Electronics Designed and Produced Sensors 
Together with our forthcoming Temperature Controller range to improve on our Shinko Offerings
This page is currently under constructions. We do have a full catalogue available for download here.

Thermocouple, RTD Sensors and accessories

Small Aluminium Head
  • Small aluminium head, IP65 rating, stainless steel sheath
Large Aluminium Head
  • FTCK Series duplex, large aluminium head, IP65 rating
Flexible Teflon Tails
  • FRTD Series RTD- flexible teflon tails
Welded hygenic fitting
  • Special types RTD-hygenic welded fitting
CLass A Class B MIMS
  • Class A, Class B MIMS thermocouple basic
Large Plug
  • Class A, Class B MIMS thermocouple large plug

Thermocouples and RTD's are kept in standard sizes up to 300mm probe length. Other types can be made to order as required. Also available are Plastics Industry thermocouple assemblies, Terminal Blocks and Heads, Industrial/Room Air Sensor, Head Mounted Transmitters, Connectors, Extension Cable, Thermowells and Compression Fittings

For standard range you can order online. If there is anything not there, please don't hesitate to contact us for your requirement.