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A current clamp is an electrical device that measures current by clamping around the electrical conductor. This device can be included in the existing conductors without the need to disconnect or reroute cables. If you’re looking for a more effective way to measure both direct and alternating currents in the conductors, we can help. At Fastron Electronics, we offer high-end current clamp circuits that detect magnetic flux density and current’s strength around the electric conductor.

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Why Do You Need an AC Current Clamp?

Current clamps are extensively used for performing electrical installations, the devices measure currents on individual circuits installed at the distribution panels. When it comes to industrial applications, our current clamp circuits are used by professionals for measuring supplying lines current right at the switch panel. Whether it is a control circuit cabinet or a 3-phase induction motor, our current clamp offers numerous applications when it comes to detecting leak currents and eliminates the need for physical contact.

At Fastron Electronics, you can find both AC current clamps and DC current clamps online. Our electrical devices can measure alternating and direct current voltage while offering precise results. From voltage leak detectors to current detectors, our high-quality current clamp has the capacity to measure resistance and power value.

If you need expert consultation, you can talk to one of our team members via phone call on +61 3 97635155. Currently, we are offering worldwide delivery.

Premium Benefits of AC/DC Current Clamps

  • Provides interruption-free current measurement
  • Runs without any intervention in the circuit
  • Have broad bandwidth of the measuring range
  • Highly reliable; gives an accurate reading


Get Compatible Measuring Solutions

Fastron Electronics is where you will get cost-effective solutions for all your industrial or commercial needs. We specialise in designing, manufacturing and importing supreme quality current clamps and other essential electrical components and accessories. We combine the latest manufacturing technology and methods to offer durable products and instruments. Think of our current clamp circuit as a form of device for on-site protection. The product calibration is done by industry experts who have years of experience behind them. We make sure our current clamps perform well even in the most challenging conditions regardless of any problem you may encounter.

Uses of Current Clamp Circuit

The current clamps effectively measure the electric current flowing through wires or cables. You can read the analog output by a voltmeter or power analyser. If you need clamps for areas that are hard to access, you won’t be disappointed with our innovative solutions. You can use them for monitoring and ensuring that current flows at just the right magnitude.

Can’t find what you are looking for? No problem. We are here to help our customers find the best solutions that match their needs.