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DC Surge Protection Device (SPD) for IT Systems


If you’re looking for an excellent range of DC Surge Protection Devices from an industry-leading team, talk to the experts at Fastron Electronics.

Our specialists are leaders in protection of power circuits. As well as providing a great range of products, we can also assist you with a wide range of services, solutions and tech support.

These Slim Profile DC Surge Protection Devices we provide are ideal for use as surge protectors for Ba;lanced and Unbalanced 2 or 4 Wire IT systems.

Please also see our range of Raycap/Varsi Gas Discharge Tubes, which are currently sold on a project basis to OEM's.

We offer the following Brands

Raycap - UL, CE, TUV Approvals. 

THOR - CE, CB Approvals

Telebahn - CE, CB Approvals

Fastron OEM - CE, CB Approvals

Explore our products on this page and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with free shipping (available on all orders over $300AUD).

Contact us for any items not shown or for utility grade Surge protection products.