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Le'Clanche Snubber Capacitors

Official Leclanché, Elko, Fischer & Taunche (F&T Cap) Australian Distributor

Leclanché/Elko/Fischer and Taunche
 are manufacturers of top quality capacitors since 1919, Leclanché/Elko/Fischer Capacitors has satisfied customers all over the world. Leclanché  manufacture specific capacitors that fit specific needs and budgets. With a team of developers at your disposal, we can design in days and then manufacture within just a few weeks exactly the capacitors that you need.

Specializing in high-voltage and power capacitors, Leclanché  serve a variety of industries : railway, aeronautics, medical, induction heating, soldering, welding, industrial laser, electrical storage, PLCC, instrumentation, defense, power electronics, and many more.

Fischer and Taunche (also manufactured under Elko Branding) Includes a development team consisting of several experts with proven experience in many different fields. Electrical engineers work closely with application and/or mechanical engineers. These different expertises, combined, create synergy leading to innovation. The customer on the other hand has just one main contact, the project leader, who takes care of everything.

Fischer and Taunche have been developing, manufacturing and selling quality capacitors over the last 65 years. While some may find this to be boring, we, on the contrary, are proud of our dedication which has resulted in numerous patents and innovative solutions even for the most complex applications.


Drop in replacements for obsolete Brands/Models


Fastron Electronics stocks a limited range of Snubber or Absorbtion Capacitors suited for 240/415/600VAC AC Switch and Rectifiers for use in our own projects. F & T or Elko capacitors are generally sold on a project basis if not listed in our online store. For stock availability and special requests please contact us