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High Voltage (HV) AC Current Transformers


At Fastron Electronics, we offer a typical range of HV AC Current Transformers for isolated measurement of AC currents in HV metering systems. These HV Current Transformers are typically combined with kWh Meters or loggers. Accuracy Classes include 0.2(S)/0.2(S), 0.2(S)/0.5, 0.29S)/10P, 0.5/10P, 0.2S/0.5/10P, 0.2/0.5/10P. We can offer a range of meters to suit any electrical measurement application.

As highly experienced energy management and energy monitoring professionals, we can assist you with a wide range of products and services. Our HV AC Current Transformers include products from key manufacturers we use for OEM along some of the largest brands. You can place an order for a wide range of products which are in-stock now and ready to ship. 

Read our application note on protection CT Class Cable Losses and VA Ratings here.

For more information or specialised services, contact our Melbourne-based team today.