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Energy monitoring devices are crucial to energy saving. We have a wide selection of energy monitoring devices in Australia as a company dedicated to improving energy efficiency with thorough energy monitoring. Fastron Electronics offers a wide range of products to make up a complete energy monitoring solution. From custom-designed software for use with Northern Design kWh meters to Iskra System Local or Cloud-based MiSmart software, Fastron can offer a tailored energy monitoring solution based on specific customer requirements.

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Fastron also offer NMI Approved meters both Market Grade and Submetering grade.

A few of our bestselling energy monitoring devices in Australia are:

  • Power Rail 350-M2-C, kWh Meter, 3 Phase, DIN Rail, 240VAC aux, Class 1, 5Amp input, w/ pulse output and RS485 Comms, Power quality measurements
  • SDM230Modbus, kWh Meter, 1 Phase, Din Rail, 100 Amp Direct Connect, w/2 Pulse Outputs, RS485 Modbus RTU Comms, MID Approved. (NMI Approvals Coming Soon)
  • Power Rail 350-M2, kWh Meter, 3 Phase, DIN Rail, 240VAC aux, Class 1, 5Amp input, w/ pulse output, Power quality measurements
  • SDM630Modbus-MID-V2-CL0.5S, DIN Rail Mount kWh Meter, 3 Phase, 240VAC aux, Class 0.5S, 100Amp Direct Connect, w/ 2 x pulse outputs and RS485 Modbus RTU Comms, MID Approved.(NMI Approvals Coming Soon)

Australians by sourcing globally reputed brands at cost-effective prices. We also have our own brand of components and have excellent capability to design and manufacture customised solutions. Our product list is endless, and we offer design, manufacturing and complete solutions packages as well.

Explore the full range of energy monitoring devices in Australia on this page and enjoy free shipping for orders over $300. In addition, you can get bulk order discounts and also source complete BOM supplies from our online store. For special projects or technical support, contact our Melbourne-based team today. Please contact us below to make a special request for any items not shown. Through our wide network of sales channels built over 40 years, we’ll be able to source it for you, without a doubt.

We offer a range of services and solutions to suit you and are located at 9B Lakewood Bvd, Braeside Melbourne, VIC, 3195, Australia.