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Advantages of Advanced Energy(AE) Thyro Controllers in TAKT Mode Formerly AEG Thyro

Advantages of Advanced Energy(AE) Thyro Controllers in TAKT Mode Formerly AEG Thyro

Advantages of Advanced Energy(AE) Thyro Controllers in TAKT Mode Formerly AEG Thyro

Thyro A Series are available in Single, 3 Phase 3 Leg and 3 Phase 2 Leg versions.

2 Leg, 3 Phase Control(VAR) in our Fastron Controllers are are only used for heavy industrial applications due to having a DC offset issue.

Economical 2 Leg Control Mode

2 Leg Control Benefits

These German designed controllers correct any DC offset before reaching the load and due to only switching 2 Phases, they save around 33% in heat dissipation and losses which improved efficiency overall. As the controller is connected in 3 Phase, 3 Wire, two phases being switched off gives 0 current output. For obvious reasons this connection can only be operated in Burst (On/Off mode).

Burst (TAKT) Control Mode

Burst Fire (TAKT) Mode works as in the picture below. The windows in these controllers is 32 cycles so the controller will be able to adjust form 32 On, 0 Off, to 0 On, 32 Off, in increments of 1 cycle or 3.125%.

Low Harmonics and Peak Load Management

In addition to low harmonics, up to 8 of these controllers can be synchronised together to allow for mains load optimisation, which reduces demand on the main circuit by sharing the supply.

Peak Load Management



Derating Curves Thyro Series


This diagram is in the Thyro-A manual. It shows that:
- units without fan can be used with 110% of rated current if the temperature is below 35°C
- units without fan can be used with 87% of rated current if the temperature is below 55°C


The Thyro A Series have replaceable in built fuses, and in built EMC filters. They are CE, UL and ROHS approved and would pass any required Australian standard test should it be required.

If these become the controller of choice we would look to keep enough stock to not hold up any potential orders, and keep spares in case of any possible failures or repairs. If there is a major failure the units need to be repaired in Germany, however we(you) can change fuses which are just below the removable plastic ventilation cover, and we also stock all the required Infineon brand SCR's already as we are their agent in Australia.


These controllers can be connected directly to BMS or other control system via RS485, Ethernet, using up to 8 different protocols including Profibus, Modbus RTU….

If I had these at the time we started the project I would have pushed you this way right from the beginning. Not that there is anything wrong with our own controllers,

For 2 Leg controllers the price is comparable to our locally made controllers, without the additional cost of fuses and mounting the fuses. Our locally made controllers have no CE, UL cert which prevents them being used in public spaces or residential applications. Advanced Energy fills this gap quite well.

Advantages fo 2 Leg Control

In presenting these to clients we advise that these are "new into Aus market" while well established as the leading innovators and designers of SCR Power Controllers. The exceptional design of these controllers help to save additional costs in electricity consumption, smaller physical footprint, reduce the demand on the main supply, have additional EMC cert, and can be connected to the BMS via Profibus or Modbus without changing the original controller

The other main selling point is these are the most compact SCR Controllers in the global market and this company was the company who invented thyristor based SCR controllers, after revolutionising SCR production techniques.

If you have any question or need further clarification let us know. We have around 30 various models in stock now and constantly increasing as the market demands.

Thyro A Series Quick Setup Guide

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