• Most heatsink types are available in 2.1 or 3 metre raw lengths and can be cut to length.
  • Heatsink can also be buffed/milled/slit/drilled and tapped to suit your requirements.
  • Raw, alodined and anodised finishes are available
  • Fastron engineering staff can also select the correct heatsink type and length to suit your application taking into account your requirements in relation to the electrical, thermal, mechanical and economic aspects of the design.
  • Your own Power Semiconductors or ones supplied by us can also be assembled on the heatsink together with single sided or double sided clamps, snubbers, bus-bar, gate terminals, thermal switches, fans and baffle plates and/or other custom parts as required.

We carry the following heatsink types and are able to source from a wide range of suppliers worldwide.

 H1 Heatsink ProfileH1 (120 x 120mm) H4 ProfileH4 (98 x 33mm) H5 Heatsink ProfileH5 (105 x 38mm) H6 Heatsink ProfileH6 (135 x 115mm) H7 Heatsink ProfileH7 (140 x 72.5mm) H8 Heatsink ProfileH8 (150 x 72.5) H81 Heatsink ProfileH81 (150 x 72mm)
H31 Heatsink ProfileH31 (125 x 160mm) H42 (GFIN) Heatsink ProfileH21 (65 x 90mm) 8113 Heatsink Profile8113 (85 x 50mm) H38 Heatsink ProfileH38 (300 x 40mm) H42 Heatsink ProfileH42 (140 x 48mm)  H308 Heatsink ProfileH308 (300 x 84mm) H10 Heatsink ProfileH10 (240 x 110mm)
H51 Heatsink ProfileH51 (124 x 43mm) 8071 Heatsink Profile8071 (200 x 40mm)


HX38 PX38 Heatsink

HX38 (225 x 41.5mm )



P6Y114 (117 x 114mm)

Note additional ridge on right side 



P6Y150 (117 x 150mm) 

Note  additional ridge on right side 

P6Y168 (117x 168mm) 

Limited pricing is available in our online store. For any types or lengths not shown here, please contact us. New products and prices are added weekly. 

We also offer fans to increase the rating of each heat sink for demanding forced cooled applications.