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How SCR Controllers are used to give better control over your process

How SCR Controllers are used to give better control over your process

SCR Controllers such as FTPS series are designed to give better control over the load, for example you can have 0-100% output with control being as linear as possible.

The SCR Controller will certainly provide a significant improvement from ON/OFF control

However Using POT can introduce other issues such as varying current/voltage at different time of the day. So the same point may move a little with time of day.  depending on your process this may be acceptable

The best control will of course be with PID temp controller with proportional 4-20mA or 0-10V output, and SCR Controller. After you run the auto tune on the PID controller, the PID controller knows the heating chamber/oven very well.  Then when you run the process the PID controller will gradually reduce output to the SCR controller and will avoid overshooting (and undershooting) the set temperature.

The lowest cost method is ON/OFF control where you specify the Set temperature and the hysteresis value to stay within (Much like a thermostat). This certainly overshoots and undershoots as it can not control well enough. It is fine for many processes but not for many others.

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