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How Power Factor Correction Works

How Power Factor Correction Works

How Power Factor, or Kvar Correction works

Power Factor is a widely used measurement of efficiency in AC and DC power supply systems from small to large switchmode rectifiers, boilers, air conditioners, compressors, refrigeration, certain types of heating elements, inverters, LED lighting, pumps and others. In particular any load which is inductive in nature can produce a low Power Factor and therefore power loss through "Inductive" or "reactive" energy which is measured in Var, kVar, or mVar.

Understanding Power Factor

There are 4 quarants which need to be considered. The diagram below gives you the key paramaters for each quadrant.

Power Factro Quadrants

 As you can see the key paramters are kW, kVAr, and Cos ϕ.

Calculating Power Factor

Using Pythagoras's Therorem we can calcuate the 3rd parameter from any 2 of these parameters as follows.

Pythagoras's Theorem states A² + B² = C²  

In addtion we use the rule SOHCAHTOA 

Sine ϕ = Opposite/Hypotenuse;

Cos ϕ = Adjacent/Hypotenuse;

Tan ϕ = Opposite/Adjacent

Phase Angle, or Power Factor Angle

Power Factor Angle

The Power Factor Angle is also commonly refered to Phase Angle.

The term Power Factor (PF) is simply the ratio between Real or "True" Power (P) and Reactive Power (Q)

Power Factor (PF) = Real Power (P) / Reactive Power (Q)

For example for Real Power = 80kW, and Reactive Power = 100kVAr we have 

PF = 80/100 = 0.8

The respresents a loss of 20%!!! and can in many cased be much worse.

Fastron Electronics offer solutions to their bad power factor. We focus on power losses up to 100kVAr in small to medium businesses and residential applicatons.

Fastron also supply and rent out suitable clamp power meters, and power quality analysers to enable accurate measurement of Power Factor and are used for profiling and tailoring the right solution.

NC14 meter can be rented for minimum 1 week for $50AUD per week ex gst

NP40 Power Quality Analyser can be rented for minimum 1 week for $400AUD per week plus GST.

Fastron can also provide site services. For Metro Melbourne the price for site visit and measurement service is $300AUD. This pirce includes measurement of a single power entry circuit and a detailed report and reccommendations on how to improve your Fower Factor. 

Fastron is focused on smart capacitor banks which are designed according to the above reccomendations. Smart Capacitor Banks 

Smar Cap Bank

You can find our standard range here which gives you a rough idea on the costings for 10-100kVAr Smart Capacitor banks.

You can find a detailed overview of Power Factor Correction Components used in these or larger systems on this page.

Products we stock include;

Manufactured to order products include;

For detailed requirements feel free to contact our friendly sales team at Fastron Electronics.

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