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Strange temperature offset behaviour in PID Controllers

Strange temperature offset behaviour in PID Controllers

There may be a situation where you have set the input type, the setpoint(SV) and the controller will not reach the desired temperature. 

In this situation you should check Engineering mode menu to see if there is any setting causing offset such as sensor correction co-efficient, or sensor correction. Otherwise you can reset to factory defaults by pressing all the 4 buttons for 3 seconds while the controller is turned on. You may see a prompt to select Y or N which is asking if you really want to reset the controller. Press up or down arrow then mode (circle) key to select Y.

Once reset, you will need to run the autotuning function. Autotune is run for the first use use of the controller heating or cooling function. If you need to force auto tune reset, you can access through Sub Setting Mode, select AT perform then run the process again. Make sure the load and heating chamber (if any) is not changed while the AT is running.

At Mode selection

Follow this process and make sure you see the autotuning function active. Make sure the normal load is connected when doing this. 

Detail AT perform

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  • Sanjay Technicals - Mar 03, 2021

    Thank You for sharing this. It’s really useful.

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