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What CTs to use with Various Inverters and Meter types?

What CTs to use with Various Inverters and Meter types?

The following table gives a list of the most popular Inverter and meter brands in the market, and what type of CT secondary is required

Note as a general rule, 0.333V CT's are from USA manufacturers, 5 Amp and 1 Amp are from European Manufacturers. 

 Meter Type

Suitable Secondary Current or Voltage

Fronius 50KA-3 Smart Meter 1 Amp or 5 Amp Secondary
Sungrow DSTD1352-C/1(6)A 5 Amp Secondary Only
Sunny Home Manager 2.0 5 Amp Secondary Only
Inverter Type
This blog is intended as a guide to be used in conjunction with the user manual for each device. Be sure to check the relevant datasheets for any changes or updates to each model. The information is correct at the time or writing.
For any questions or clarifications feel free to contact our friendly sales team.
For other useful blogs regarding usage of CT's. See our Current Transformer Blog
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