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Extending the leads on Rogowski Coils

Extending the leads on Rogowski Coils

Extending the leads on Rogowski Coils

To extend the leads in Rogowski Coils, the main point is that you can extend the leads from the Coil to the integrator however you can not extend the leads from the Integrator to the meter. This applies to 1 Amp/5 Amp/ 0.333V Output Coils.

If extending cable please use the same grade of cable as used in the integrator and ensure the connection is soldered and insulated to prevent electrical connections and/or shorting of the wires which can result in Coil damage or incorrect readings.

For very long cable runs 100M + There can be additional phase displacement and some meters or power analysers will allow you to correct for this. For short cable runs the phase error is negligible and comparable to Current Transformer performance.

For Magnelab Coils: the coils have been tested to extend to over 1000 meters.

For LEM ART-B22 Series or ARU Coils they recommend to only extend to around 20 Meters maximum. However the LEM cables are extremely Robust and difficult to extend. 

For further clarification feel free to contact Fastron

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