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Pre-Installation of Hall Effect CT's

Pre-Installation of Hall Effect CT's

The following blog discusses a particular situation where a Hall effect Current Transducer is to be Pre-Installed onto busbar. The CT will not be used until more equipment arrives. The busbar will be powered up with no power supply connected.

For pre-Installation of Hall effect CT with no secondary coil, such as HAZ 4000-SB for example;

-Install the CT onto the busbar

-Short 0V, GND and the output pins. 

-Leave power supply terminals open

-Power ups equipment for normal use. 

Once the other equipment is available for installation, power down the system, disconnect the shorted pins 0V, GND, and Output. Connect to the new equipment, connect power supply and power up the system including the CT power supply. Please note if the CT is operated for extended periods there can be an induced offset in the sensor which will reduce of time.

Please note these rules apply to Current Transducers without secondary windings. If you have a CT with secondary windings. Please consult our technical team for the correct procedure.