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Energy Parameters in Energy Meters

Energy Parameters in Energy Meters

The most important Energy Measurement parameters in kwh meters;

Wh = Active Energy Hours

VARh = Reactive Voltage Ampere Hours

VAh = Voltage Ampere Hours

Import = When there is a Net usage of Energy by the load. For a simple example, in a house it is the energy the house is consuming.

Export = When there is a Net Surplus of Energy. For example in House with Solar system installed, if the solar is producing more energy than used it will be registered as an export. The import register will remain constant until there is again net usage of energy then it will become Import measurement. This description assumes you are measuring at the grid.

Demand = Instantaneous Power, not time based. So Watts demand is the demand of power at any given time. For W example 400V x 100 Amp rms = 40,000 Watts (or 40kW). Same for Amps, or VA

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