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What is Re-Enforced Insulation?

What is Re-Enforced Insulation?

Definition: What is Re-Enforced Insulation?

The term reinforced insulation refers to improved insulation condition whereby the mechanical and electrical properties are, in itself, providing the same degree of protection against electrical shock as double insulation. Reinforced insulation has two separate levels of protection which provide basic as well as the extra insulation.

The construction of the reinforced insulation ensure the equipment is safe even after the basic insulation fails. Just like double insulation, reinforced insulation ensures if one layer of insulation fails, the remaining layer will continue providing insulation, and the equipment remains safe to use. The added protection allows the device to be classified as double or robust insulation.

While having the same protection level as double insulation, for reinforced insulation, the Insulation between between dangerous voltages and user-touchable (safe) voltages is provided in a single layer. However it is a homogenous layer which has several sheets of insulation and can not be tested as single insulation. It is tested as one piece.

Electronic Components usually require additional structural enhancements in terms of the insulating layer resulting in multiple insulation film layers. Increased clearance and creepage as well as thermal and /or surge tests may also be required.


Clearance Distance

Refers to the shortest distance between two conductive parts via air.

Creepage Distance

Refers to the shortest distance between two conductive parts through the air and along the surface of the components insulation material

Creepage vs Clearance

Typical Components which re-enforced insulation include:


-Power Transformers

-Hall Effect Sensors

-Reinforced Insulation cables

-Reinforced Insulated meter

-Reinforced insulation tape

-Reinforced Isolation Transformer

Minimum Insulation thickness is 0.4mm

The added insulation layer also provides for fail safe operation and in some cases the device can determine if one layer of insulation has failed. 

.For further clarification, feel free to contact Fastron