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Installing AC Current Transformers with Process Outputs

Installing AC Current Transformers with Process Outputs

In this blog we discuss installing AC Current Transformers with Process Outputs

Fastron offer various Current Transformers (CT) with process outputs. The Most Popular are the Multirange FES521& FES2151 Series for ranges up to 200 Amp RMS

The key points to be aware of:

1) Voltage output types are self powered, however it is recommend to be used for 110VAC-240VAC systems. Lower voltages may not give the required power to the transducer ot have a stable or accurate output.

2) Voltage output types are only available for average RMS measurement. Complete or very noisy applications require 4-20mA output types with Suffix E at the end of the part number rather than T

3) Current Output types are Loop Powered via 4-20mA Loop wired as per below

FES521 Installation Guide

For further clarification please contact the friendly sales team at Fastron Electronics

User manual can be downloaded here

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