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Power Capacitors

Fastron offers a quality range of Power Capacitors including the following specific brands and ratings. Other specifications are available on request.

Electrolytic Capacitors 




Screw Type

UPS, Automotive, Industrial Electrolytic Caps with Screw Terminals

4 Pin

UPS, Automotive, Industrial Electrolytic Caps 4 Pin Snap In Terminals


Heavy Duty AC Capacitors with high Capacitance


Terminal Designs


DC Link Capacitors


DC Capacitors Electronicon
Electronicon DC Link Capacitors

Power Factor Capacitors (Higher voltages on request)


3 Phase



Iskra KNK Series (UL94V0 Resin Filled)

3 Phase 5Kvar to 50Kvar @ 525VAC with Thermoplastic Feed Through Terminals KNK 3 Phase Iskra Capacitors

Electronicon (Nitrogen Gas Filled)

3 Phase 25Kvar, 37.2Kvar, and 40Kvar @ 525VAC with Thermoplastic CAPAGRIP Feed Through Terminals Electronicon Gas Filled Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Vishay (UL94V0 Resin Filled)

3 Phase 25Kvar and 20Kvar @ 440VAC or 525VAC with Ceramic Feed Through Terminals Vishay 3 Phase Power Factor Correction Capacitors

RTR Energia (UL94V0 Resin Filled)

Single Phase 0.67Kvar to 20Kvar @525VAC, 3 Phase 12.5kvar, 25Kvar and 40Kvar @ 525VAC. Our focus is on single phase drop in replacements to Vishay RTR Energia 3 Phase Power Factor Correction Capacitors


Snubber Capacitors




LeClanche/FTcap/Mersen PAM Series 

250VAC(640VDC) - 1200VAC(2500VDC)

0.22uF(1200VAC) - 300uF(250VAC)

LeClanche FTCap PAm Series Snubber Capacitors

Motor Start Capacitors

 Coming Soon....


For detailed requirements or technical questions, or pricing please contact our friendly sales team.