Surge Protection Device (SPD) + Gas Discharge Tubes

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Surge Protection Device (SPD) and Gas Discharge Tubes


If you’re looking for an excellent range of Surge Protection Devices from an industry-leading team, talk to the experts at Fastron Electronics.

Our specialists are leaders in protection of power circuits. As well as providing a great range of products, we can also assist you with a wide range of services, solutions and tech support.

The Surge Protection Devices we provide are ideal for use as surge protectors. When you need to limit voltage in electrical components and electronic circuits, our range is ideal. Our SPD’s are typically connected between Neutral and Power Earth, or Line to Earth.

Explore our products on this page and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with free shipping (available on all orders over $300AUD).

If you’re looking for higher ratings, please enquire about or range of Varsi Gas Discharge Tubes, which are currently sold on a project basis to OEM's.

Contact us for any items not shown or for utility grade Surge protection products.