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AC Current transformers are used in various devices and electronic meters ranging from kWh Power Meters, to Industrial Power Supplies. Current transformers in Australia are used as an efficient and flexible method to measure the right AC Current in an electronic circuit. At Fastron Electronics, we stock a wide range of AC Current Transformers for isolated measurement of AC currents. These current transformers are typically combined with kWh Meters or loggers. CT Classes include Class 1, Class 0.5, Class 0.2, and Protection Class. Some models are designed for process-level outputs. We can offer a range of meters to suit any electrical measurement application.

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As highly experienced energy management and energy monitoring professionals, we can assist you with various products and services. Current transformers from Fastron Electronics are on-par withLocal standards and regulations including AEMO Sub-metering standards. Fastron Current Transformers are available at competitive prices, and suited to a large range of applications.

A few of our best selling AC current transformers are:

  • SCT-F24-100-5A, 5 Amp, 100Amp measurement Split Core CT's
  • SCT-F36-400-5A, 5 Amp, 400Amp measurement Split Core CT's
  • ATO 5 B420 D10/SP4, AC Current Transformer, 20-30VDC loop-powered, 125 Amp Average RMS 4-20mA output, X = 1.5%
  • SCT-F16-100-5A, 100/5Amp Measurement Split Core CT's


Our AC Current Transformers in Australia include products from Northern Design Electronics Ltd, LEM International SA, Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd, Hobart Howard Butler, and RTR Energia, among others. You can place an order for a wide range of products that are in stock now and ready to ship. Read our application note on protection CT Class Cable Losses and VA Ratings here.

Catering to major clients in the military, aviation, EV markets, and B2B businesses, Fastron Electronics is a name you can rely on as your local electronic component supplier. We strive to fulfil the demands of Australians by sourcing globally reputed brands at cost-effective prices. We also have our own brand of components and have excellent capability to design and manufacture customised solutions. Our product list is endless, and we offer design, manufacturing and complete solutions packages as well. Explore the full range of current transformers in Australia on this page and enjoy free shipping for orders over $300. In addition, you can get bulk order discounts and also source complete BOM supplies from our online store. Contact our Melbourne-based team today for more information or specialised services, special projects, or technical support. Please contact us below to make a special request for any items not shown. Through our wide network of sales channels built over 40 years, we'll be able to source it for you, without a doubt.

We offer a range of services and solutions to suit you and are located at 9B Lakewood Bvd, Braeside Melbourne, VIC, 3195, Australia.