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Comparison different voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Comparison different voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Over the years selling these capacitors, many customers ask us to calculate the values for different types of capacitor ratings with regards to voltage and supply frequency.

Here are a few examples where a customer has asked for 440VAC 60Hz ratings, and we will offer 525VAC 50Hz ratings

Here is the relationship:

Q=2π*fn*Un*Un*C where Q = kVAr

For example for 25kvar 60Hz, then you need to select 21.83kvar @ 50Hz

The other issue is we only keep 525/480V rated capacitors

So then for 525VAC to 440VAC the relationship will be: Q=2π*fn*Un*Un*C where Q = kVAr

1) 25kvar @440VAC 60Hz

= 21.83kvar @ 440VAC 50Hz = 29.655 Kvar @ 525VAC

Use 1 x 30kvar 525V caps

2) 50kvar @440VAC 60Hz

= 41.665kvar @ 440VAC 50Hz = 59.30Kvar @ 525VAC

Use 2 x 30kvar 525V caps

For further clarificaiton feel free to consult the team at Fastron Electronics

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