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Explore Our Wide Energy-Efficient Transducer Range Online

Fastron is your destination when you require outstanding electronic gear for all your energy conversion requirements with a wide range of transducer options from the most reputable suppliers globally. We offer a user-friendly platform where you can stock up on your needed gear easy and effortlessly.

Tips Regarding a Transducer

Our team’s advice is always to find out how a transducer works so you have the necessary knowledge to know what the specifications of a premium quality transducer should be.

  • The core function of a transducer is to convert energy from one form to another. By definition, it means photocells, LEDs and even light bulbs are also transducers. It is a crucial part of microphones, speakers, pressure sensors and thermometers as these kinds of equipment all rely on the conversion of energy.
  • During the process of energy conversion, there is always a percentage of energy going to waste. The wasted energy often manifests in the form of heat energy. You would want to purchase the transducer with the highest conversion rate to achieve minimal energy wastage.
  • The formula to calculate the efficiency percentage of your transducer is to divide your output power with your input power, times 100. The higher percentage it reflects, the better performance you can expect from your transducer.

Related Services We Provide to a Transducer

Although we stock a massive range of transducers for all purposes and requirements, it is only a small fragment of our immense range of products on offer.

  • Power factor correction equipment. We are distributors of this equipment across Australia and abroad into Asia. The range includes compressors, inverters, pumps and boilers to name only some of the items on offer.
  • Temperature controllers. Our online store carries an extensive collection of temperature controllers in various sizes, types and for a range of purposes. For more than 30 years we’ve also been a reputable supplier of temperature sensors from some of the industry’s leading brands.
  • Process control and automation. Supplying all kinds of parts and equipment for these kinds of processes have been part of our core business from the start, and it is a department we are continuously improving and expanding.

Why You Should Use Fastron

Over the past 40 years, we’ve grown into a leader in our industry. We stock a vast range of premium solutions for a range of applications and as we partner with only the most leading suppliers in each field, we secured our position as a reliable provider. Coupled with our professional and knowledgeable team, you can enjoy premium service, access to a wealth of information, speedy turnaround times and competitive pricing. We are continuously strengthening our position as a market leader and through our association with some of the most prestigious formal bodies in our industry, you can always expect quality care.

Our team is ready to assist with more than four decades of outstanding service and product knowledge to guide you to the solutions perfectly suited for your needs. Reach out and let us assist you.