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Understanding Surge Protection And Why You Need it at Your Premises

Our team at Fastron wants to help you to protect your valuable and often very expensive electronic devices from the damage which can ruin it by offering you comprehensive surge protection. Power surges can last for a mere few nanoseconds, but it is enough to cause havoc with all the technology connected to your main power lines.

What You Can Expect from Fastron Regarding Surge Protection

We have a range of devices for surge protection and act as a barrier to keep various devices safe at all times.

  • We offer an advanced selection of premium surge protectors you can install into your electricity mainstream to channel any extra voltage away from your sensitive electronic devices. The protectors we stock take care to only let through the average power stream to ensure continues usage without any damage to your equipment.
  • It is important to remember these surge protectors are made to handle electric surges on power lines and won’t protect your equipment from the immense power surges from lightning when it hits a powerline. Even though these events are far less common, the damage lightning can cause is quite widespread as it can “fry” the hardware of any device on the system.
  • You can source all the equipment you need to protect your devices from our online store and enjoy the benefit of free shipping if your order exceeds $300. Our online store is a convenient and secure way to purchase what you need without any effort.

What You Should Know About Surge Protection

To truly understand why you need surge protection, you have to have a clear understanding of how it works to keep your equipment safe and how it saves you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Our team is always ready to assist with helpful advice and tips and will gladly explain the process.

    • On the inside of a surge protector is a MOV or a Metal Oxide Varistor. It is the key element to ensure safety during surges.
    • The MOV is the link between the hot wire and the ground wire inside your surge protector. The important feature of the MOV is its ability to adjust incoming voltage when it compares too high or too low with your system’s average energy flow.
    • During conditions when the incoming voltage is too high, it merely directs the additional current towards the ground wire, providing you with a safe level of uninterrupted flow to keep your electronics running.

It provides a convenient and cost-effective barrier of protection you can rely on at all times.

About Fastron

Our team of manufacturers, developers, importers and engineers have more than 40 years of knowledge and skills in electronic, electric and system solutions to share upon request. We offer a wide range of premium quality products to answer to your needs effectively. From our location in Melbourne, we serve the national community with premium solutions, fast delivery and exceptional customer care.

Contact us and let us help you find the answers you are looking for.