Power Controllers

OZtherm Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers

  • Standard ratings 20-340 Amps per phase. Larger ratings on application.
  • F300 Series Phase Angle Controllers are available in Single Phase & Three Phase, AC switch & DC Bridge configurations. Suitable for primary or secondary control.
  • F400 Series Burst Controllers are available in Single Phase & two leg & full three leg control of Three Phase. Suitable for secondary control only.
  • Wide range of options.
  • Custom designs
  • Applications advice
  • Typically used for power control in electric heating and controlled rectifier
  • Datasheets
    F311 Series
    F330 Series
    F430 Series
    F431 Series

 F312, RS1A, MCBC, RPC, PMP SSR Controllers & Modules

  • F312 Single Phase, Phase Angle Control module for driving external random cross Solid State Relays
  • RPC Crydom Single Phase Integrated SSR(SCR) based Phase Controller for POT(manual) input applications
  • MCBC Single Phase SSR(SCR) based Burst Controller for zero crossing requirments
  • RS1A Single Phase SSR(SCR) based Phase Angle Controller for zero crossing requirements
  • PMP Contactro style Single Phase SSR(SCR) based Phase Angle and Burst controller

F312 Series
RS1A Series
RPC Series
MCBC Series
PMP Series