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Power Controllers

For over 40 Years Fastron has provided worl leading SCR Power controller and has sold over 6000 units in that time. severla thousand of these controllers are still in oeration today and with minor improvements we still offer the same quality controllers which helped build up Fastron's reputation in Australia.

In addition, Fastron now also offer Adanced Energy (AE) Controllers (formerly known as AEG) Thyri Series for the most damnding applicatison where full Compliance with ROHS, CE and or UL is required.

OZtherm Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers

  • Standard ratings 20-340 Amps per phase. Larger ratings on application.
  • F300 Series Phase Angle Controllers are available in Single Phase & Three Phase, AC switch & DC Bridge configurations. Suitable for primary or secondary control.
  • F400 Series Burst Controllers are available in Single Phase & two leg & full three leg control of Three Phase. Suitable for secondary control only.
  • Wide range of options.
  • Custom designs
  • Applications advice
  • Typically used for power control in electric heating and controlled rectifier
  • Datasheets
    F311 Series
    F330 Series
    F430 Series
    F431 Series

 F312, RS1A, MCBC, RPC, PMP SSR Controllers & Modules

  • F312 Single Phase, Phase Angle Control module for driving external random cross Solid State Relays
  • RPC Crydom Single Phase Integrated SSR(SCR) based Phase Controller for POT(manual) input applications
  • MCBC Single Phase SSR(SCR) based Burst Controller for zero crossing requirments
  • RS1A Single Phase SSR(SCR) based Phase Angle Controller for zero crossing requirements
  • PMP Contactro style Single Phase SSR(SCR) based Phase Angle and Burst controller

F312 Series
RS1A Series
RPC Series
MCBC Series
PMP Series

Advanced Energy Controllers

For full overview of advantages with using these German SCR controller see our detailed page on AE Power Controllers