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As the only true authorised Distributor for IXYS, Infineon, Dynex, Proton semicondcutor devices we come across counterfeit parts from time to time and in many cases the blame is pointed at us. Due to the greif and tiem spent on these cases we decided to list the most costly examples of 

Here is a limited list we have created and will add to going forward, where customers have been ripped off and sold fraudulent 'fake' parts. Purchasing from the grey market or from non traceable sources will in most cases cost you more. 

We recommend that you always contact the manufacturer to find out who the local agent is. Generally this details are listed on their website. The majority of fake parts are coming from China both direct and indirectly


Semico Fake Parts 

Fake OEM sold to local australian companies. Obvious grey market fakes claimed to be Ajax Tocco parts.  

Fake parts charged to the customer at $800.00 each!

Real Parts - In Packaging

OEMSEC Fake Parts 

Selling as new long obsolete products which are 100% fake. Even before installing if the part number has been obsolete for many years and there is no tarnish at all on the nickel plating that is a tell tail sign that you have been duped.

Local Elect Wholesalers bought 72pcs @ $40,000 AUD worth of fake parts. Failed over summer after 3 months in service. 

Fakes Part Supplied

Fake SCR

Y-IC Fake Parts

Selling a large range of new and obsolete fake parts for prices far too low. and the part numbers in mnay cases have been obsolete for many years. 

Stear clear of all the above suppliers if you want peace of mind