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Digital Panel Meters / Indicators

  • Wide range in 48 x 96 and 96x96mm sizes
  • 5 digit, single & dual displays.
  • LED and LCD options available
  • With or without Alarms, Analogue outputs & RS485 Comms.
  • For Measurement of Process & Electrical Parameters.
  • AC/DC Voltage & Current, Resistor & Potentiometer, LVDT, Temperature, Load Cell, 2, 3, 4 wire sensors, RPM, Speed Frequency, Batch Counters, Totalizers, Flow, Watt, Var, Power Factor, Phase Angle.
  • Dual AC/DC Power Supply Ranges Including 40-300VAC/DC, 22-60VAC/DC
  • Also available, a wide range of options for Power Transducers, Transmitters and Converters.

Multi-function Process Indicators - (Fastron OEM)

  • Digital temperature indicator.
  • 48 x 96 DIN size.
  • Total of 18 types of input can be chosen. Thermocouple (10), RTD (2), DC current (2) and DC voltage (4).
  • Sample time 0.25 seconds.
  • 4-20mA DC retransmission as standard.
  • 2 Alarms as standard
  • Dust proof, Drip proof and IP66.
  • Serial communication optional. Modbus protocol, RTU mode and ASCII mode are selectable by key operation.

Modbus RS485 Logger with Ethernet and in Built Web Page

  • SM61IoT-11MQE0, Datalogger with Internal Web page, Universal 85-253VAC, 90-300VDC, 2 Relays, Modbus TCP/RTU,MQTT,HTTP/TCP/UDP/FTP/RS485/RS232/USB Comms
  • Suitbalbe to Accompany Digital panel Meters, kWh Meters, or Transducers with RS485 Comms.