High Powered Semiconductors

Isolated Thyristor and Diode Modules

  • TT/TD/DT/DD and TZ, DT types available from 61A to 950A, 800V to 4400V.
  • Models also available in common cathode or common anode configurations.
  • Normal and Fast devices.


Stud Thyristors and Diodes

  • Diodes from 22A to 500A, 200V to 1800V, cathode or anode to stud, imperial or metric thread
  • 22A to 80A types available with or without leads
  • Thyristors from 25A to 350A, anode to stud, imperial or metric thread


Bridge and AC Switch Modules

  • Single and three phase bridge rectifiers including half and full controlled types with and without flywheel diode.
  • Single AC switches half and full controlled.
  • Triple AC switches. Selected types can be supplied with an integral temperature sensor for protecting semiconductors and optimising performance in cycling applications such as soft starters.
  • 25Amp to 248Amp, 800v to 1800v


Thyristor and Diode Puks

  • Thyristors :- 178A to 3400A, 200V to 8000V
  • Diodes :- 428A to 8019A, 200V to 10000V
  • Normal or fast types


IGBT Pressfit Modules (PCB Terminals)

  • Isolated Modules
  • 10A up to 200A and 1700V
  • 3 and 6 pack IGBT's


IGBT Standard Modules (Screw Terminals)

  • Isolated Modules
  • 25A up to 400A and 1700V
  • Single/dual IGBT's and chopper (1 IGBT &1 Diode) types


IGBT High Power Modules

  • 200A up to 2400A and 3300V
  • 1, 2 and 6 pack configurations
  • Choppers (IGBT/Diode) and Dual Fast Diodes also available
  • Inverter and rectifier grade models