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Power Semiconductor Assemblies

  • Ratings greater than 1Megawatt.
  • Single phase, three phase, multi-phase and DC configurations with snubbers and suppressors.
  • AC switches, DC bridges, Dropping/Blocking diodes.
  • Utilizing Thyristors, Diodes, or I.G.B.T's in isolated or non-isolated packages.
  • Applications in Soft Starters, AC/DC Drives, Battery Chargers, Rectifiers, Welders, Industrial Lighting, UPS's, Inverters and Power Supplies.
  • Convection, fan forced, oil or water cooled.
  • Custom designs to suit any combination of price, size, type of cooling and thermal and electrical criteria can be supplied. 


The most common water coolers and semiconductor assemblies are sold through the Fastron Electronics Store section of this website. Contact sales for other models or custom requirements.

Water Coolers (Non Isolated Water Path)

Water Coolers

  • No isolation between water path and electrical circuit for low voltage applications .
  • Ratings greater than 2000A
  • Range of Thyristor/Diode combinations
  • Types with a stack of individual cooling manifolds are available as well as all-in-one types with single inlet and outlet minimising piping requirements.
  • Maximum inlet temperature 40 Deg C
  • Nominal water flow rate, 4 Litres per minute

Water Coolers (Non Isolated Water Path)

  • Westcode Ceramic Water Cooler blocks (On request)